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Donor Advised Funds and Private Foundations Compared:

Donor advised funds (DAFs) and private foundations both offer a way to make significant charitable gifts over the long term. By comparison, DAFs offer simplicity and low costs, while private foundations allow additional control over gifts and investments.

Donor Advised Fund Services

  • Get the most favorable tax treatment - Take an immediate tax deduction for each contribution And because the Gift Fund is a public charity. contributions may qualify for larger tax deductions than those available through other alternative charitable solutions.

  • Donate securities that provide the most tax benefit - Eliminate capital gains tax on gifts of long-term appreciated securities. Contribute complex securities, including certain restricted or control stock or support multiple charities from a single block of stock.

  • Support the charities you want - when you want - Your grants are independent from your Gift Fund contributions. That means you can contribute to the Gift Fund for tax purposes, but time your grant recommendations to meet your long-term charitable goals and support your favorite charities when they need it most.

  • Build a charitable legacy - To help you foster a tradition of giving, the Gift Fund offers three distinct successor options — Individual. Charitable Organization or the Endowed Giving Program. You can recommend one option or any combination of the three.

  • Privacy or recognition - It’s your choice. You decide, on a grant-by-grant basis, whether to be recognized or remain anonymous.

  • Leave the paperwork to us - There’s no need to keep track of your giving activity — we do it for you.

  • You receive:
    • Confirmations for each grant and contribution
    • Quarterly summary

Private Foundation Services

  • Help with burdensome administrative tasks
    • Simple, fast and effective administration and compliance support
    • Integrated recordkeeping and comprehensive reports
    • Process and record contributions, expenses and grants
    • Maintain general ledger and all records
    • Provide monthly financial statements, including asset and activity details
  • Streamlined IRS Form 990-PF filing and documentation
  • Early notice of certain private foundation issues
  • Money Management flexibility
  • Personal Service and online management